Samsun Teknopark

Who can apply to Samsun Teknopark?

Companies that are engaged in R&D and software projects, and other companies especially within the priority industries.

How should one apply to Samsun Teknopark?

Legally known as Samsun Technology Development Zone Managing Company, Samsun Teknopark obtains information about the requests and projects of the applying companies in a preliminary meeting before receiving the applications of companies and entrepreneurs who want to take place in Samsun Teknopark. In these meetings we share important points about online application and the application process can start.

Do we have to pay a fee to apply to Samsun Teknopark?

There is an application fee.

How are the applications evaluated and accepted?

The applicants will be evaluated by a committee of three specializing in the field of activity of the firm and in the projects in Samsun TEKNOPARK. The committee conducts face-to-face interviews with the applicant company during the evaluation process and visits their existing offices or facilities if necessary. The committee extends their remarks to Samsun Teknopark management in accordance with the provisions of the relevant law and the decision is communicated to the firm in writing.

Who is included in the committee?

The committee is made up of experts in the field of activity of the company, especially the proposed project's research or software development field. OMU faculty members are given priority in the appointment of committee members. No information is given to the company about the members of the committee, companies get to know them at the evaluation meeting.

How long does it take for the applications to be evaluated?

The evaluation of applications takes a maximum of sixty days from the date of submission of the forms. Within this period, the whole process is completed and Teknopark will inform the company.

What happens if the applications are rejected?

There are no restrictions that prohibit companies from applying again.

Should I book in advance for office space?

Reservation is not required for office space before application. Office space is given only after the admission process is completed.

How is the office space assigned for the companies that are accepted?

Office space is provided according to the R&D characteristic of the project, the added value it provides and the level of cooperation with the university. In addition, the conditions and equipment necessary for the execution of the project are also taken into consideration.

What are the characteristics of assigned offices?

The assigned office spaces will be ready to operate with communication, internet and electrical infrastructure. The Company may, upon receipt of the necessary permits, undertake the internal refurbishment of the office space for its own use, provided that it is returned in its original condition. Changes to be made must be submitted to Samsun Teknopark Managing Company for approval.

How much does the assigned offices cost?

Samsun TEKNOPARK informs the applying company about the rental fee of R&D office space. Companies and entrepreneurs who rent office space in the Zone also have to contribute to operating expenses, which include office space air conditioning (depending on building conditions), landscaping, building security, and air conditioning, cleaning, electricity and water expenses of common areas. Electricity and (if applicable) water consumption of the office space and other services such as telephone and data are not included in the operating cost.

What if an office space cannot be assigned immediately after the application is approved?

If an office area is not assigned immediately after the application is approved, the request of the company is put into order in line with Samsun TEKNOPARK's evaluation criteria, and the company is informed once there is an appropriate opening. Priority criteria includes R&D characteristics of the project, the university-industry cooperation during project implementation, international cooperation and cooperation between Samsun TEKNOPARK firms.

How long is the lease period?

Company lease contracts cover 1 to 3 years depending on the duration of the projects mentioned in the application forms.

What are the tax advantages provided by the Technology Development Zones Act?

Some tax exemptions are provided to companies allowed to operate in the zone within the scope of the Technology Development Zones Act. (i) The wages of R&D personnel, research personnel, and software personnel working in the zone are exempt from income tax until 31.12.2023. (ii) Income derived from R&D and software development activities carried out exclusively in the zone is exempt from corporation tax (income tax on real persons) until 31.12.2023. (iii) The deliverables and services in the form of systems management, data management, business applications, industrial, internet, mobile and military command and control application software produced by the entrepreneurs operating in the zone during the period of exemption from income or corporation tax are also exempt from value added tax.

How are tax exemptions audited?

The Ministry of Finance General Directorate of Revenues and the relevant Tax Office are responsible for the declarations of tax exemptions of companies operating in the zone. General aspects of tax audit are also applicable to activities in the zone.

Is it mandatory for the companies to cooperate with the OMU, or collaborate with the faculty members or students on the projects?

Companies are expected to cooperate with the university because the main purpose of the establishment of the zone is to strengthen university-industry cooperation in projects on research and technology development. University-industry cooperation has been integrated into the system as a prerequisite for lease contracts.

What do you mean by "cooperation with OMU"?

For detailed information on this subject, you can talk with our university-industry cooperation experts. They will guide you in the process.

What should companies that want to work with faculty members do?

Companies who wish to cooperate with faculty member in projects should determine the faculty members working in the respective field by contacting the relevant department. This cooperation is only possible after the approval of the university management board. Forms related to the appointment of the university personnel and a copy of the contract made between the firm and the faculty member must be added and submitted to the related department. Samsun TEKNOPARK management informs the company about the appointment of the faculty member to the project upon university approval. Samsun TEKNOPARK Managing Company's University-Industry Cooperation Unit will provide the support needed, please contact relevant specialist.

Is it necessary to move the company headquarters to Samsun TEKNOPARK in order to start operating?

It is not mandatory that the headquarters of the company be in the zone. However, the R&D and software office in the zone must be a "workplace" according to the Turkish Commercial Code. There is a requirement that regional offices should be branch offices for companies that are not located in Samsun province boundaries.

What is necessary to start operating in Samsun TEKNOPARK after approval?

The following documents must be submitted to the Teknopark administration within 10 days of moving to the assigned office space in order for the companies to be able to operate under the Technology Development Zones Act no. 4691: Registrations of the Regional Workplace Registry, SSK Workplace Registry, (CVs, job descriptions, starting dates, period of total exemption according to Law No. 4691, SSI employment entry notification) and personnel information outside the scope of Law No. 4691 (name, surname, employment start date, a letter explaining her/his job at the workplace, and the SSI employment entry notification for that person in addition to the letter).

What are the obligations of companies operating in Samsun TEKNOPARK?

Information on new recruited personnel who benefit from exemptions provided under Law No. 4691 (CVs, job descriptions, starting dates, period of total exemption according to Law No. 4691, SSI employment entry notification) and newly commissioned personnel outside the scope of Law No. 4691 (name, surname, employment start date, a letter explaining her/his job at the workplace, and the SSI employment entry notification for that person in addition to the letter) must be handed in within ten days. An entry card must be given to newcomers; please send an e-mail to

Any changes in personnel information for any reason, including changes in job title for existing staff, must be reported to Samsun TEKNOPARK administration within ten days of said change. The Employee Information Forms (including name-surname, SSK registry number, profession, working project code, job in the project, duty period in the project, exemption period) of the R&D personnel working under the TGB Law numbered 4691 in the TEKNOPARK unit must be updated and approved by Samsun TEKNOPARK administration each month and given to the Tax Office in the form of a Concise Declaration. Companies must give detailed information about activities carried out by their TEKNOPARK units by filling in Activity Monitoring Forms on a quarterly basis with user name and password information assigned.

What kind of social opportunities are there for the personnel working in Samsun TEKNOPARK?

Samsun TEKNOPARK prioritizes "social life" as well as "technology", so we organize various activities including new year parties and beginning of summer parties to improve the social atmosphere. Samsun TEKNOPARK employees can benefit from many social facilities offered by the university. At the same time, employees will be in a close-range to OMU Shopping Center, concert and theater halls, restaurants, sports facilities, educational institutions, accommodation and residential areas.