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Samsun Teknopark

What is a Technopark?

In the age of technology, our country has to be able to produce technology, increase its competitive power in international markets, use this technology in its own interests, and more importantly, export it. The key to success in these technological advance is to strengthen University-Industry cooperation, and support the cooperation of Entrepreneurial activities. Technoparks are the centers that bring these three groups together and support production with new information to achieve success.

Benefits We Offer

Services We Provide

  • A total of 1400 m² leasable office space to serve all types of R&D work
  • Exclusive laboratories for advanced R&D activities
  • Financial, legal, and other consulting services
  • Workshops for prototype project applications
  • High-tech conference and meeting rooms
  • Recreational areas integrated with contemporary architecture
  • Income and corporation tax exemption
  • Income tax stoppage support
  • Stamp tax exemption
  • Employer support for employee insurance

What we do

Teknoparks are usually located in the campuses of the universities with offices and incubation centers, common working areas. They rent out office space to companies that declare that they will do R&D work and those who have business ideas. Companies and individuals in Samsun Teknopark provide progress reports to Teknopark management and their developments are observed. In line with these developments, the company continues to operate within Teknopark.

Applying with the R & D project is the first rule to be able to take place in Teknopark. This application is submitted online through our website. Following the preliminary evaluation, the final application form is sent as an e-mail to the applicant who is eligible. After submitting the final application form the evaluation committee assesses the form and the company is informed on the result. In addition, companies that are approved and supported by institutions such as KOSGEB, TÜBİTAK or Ministry of Industry and companies that have a R&D project continuing during the application to Teknopark can be accepted without committee assessment but with approval from the administration given there is sufficient office space.

Support to Entrepreneurs

There are two basic services for entrepreneurs in Samsun Teknopark; pre-incubation center and incubation offices. Entrepreneurs can receive pre-incubation support for the testing and commercialization of innovative business ideas. In addition, entrepreneurs who demonstrate R&D and innovation work at the pre-incubator center can continue to work and take advantage of the support by taking part in our incubation offices. These structures are form so that entrepreneurs can work with other entrepreneurs, enabling communication and interaction.

Furthermore, the OMÜ-Technology Transfer Office located in Samsun Teknopark provides support including information sharing meetings for entrepreneurs, support in preparing projects for business ideas, searching for necessary resources to support the projects, and mentoring in the project application process.

Current State



61% of the Companies in Teknopark are in the field of software, 8% in energy, 8% in machinery equipment, 10% in agriculture and 13% in other industries including packaging, food, electronics, manufacturing, construction, medical, chemistry, automotive supplier industry and telecommunication. As of 2019, approximately 169 full-time and part-time personnel are employed in Companies in Samsun Teknopark.





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